Affordable Healthcare

No one should go broke because they get sick. Patrick Henry will work to support options for healthcare that are affordable and sustainable, including the expansion of Medicaid and compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

A Living Wage

Too many people live below the poverty line, while costs of living continue to rise. Patrick Henry supports a living wage and will work to close this gap for District 26 so that families can survive and thrive.

Issues: Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Maintaining infrastructure is key to supporting economic growth. Patrick Henry believes in building out infrastructure in a smart way that aligns with development and investment in the community without putting environmental sustainability at risk.

Previously, he has worked to ease traffic congestion, repave boulevards, and prevent flooding, and will continue to prioritize the infrastructure needs of District 26.

Gun Rights

As a gun owner himself, Patrick Henry supports the second amendment right to gun ownership. His background in mental health counseling has guided him to embrace common sense gun measures that are responsible and safe for everyone.

Issues: Environment


Global climate change poses a threat to Florida. If sea levels rise, Florida’s water supply is at risk. Patrick Henry has supported sustainable solutions to protect our environment in the past and will continue to prioritize this, including a focus on alternative energy sources. Keeping Florida beautiful also means protecting natural resources such as our beaches, springs, and rivers. Environmental sustainability and preservation are key to protecting Florida’s future.

Issues: Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Patrick Henry believes that women’s rights are civil rights, that our LGBTQIA community should be supported and protected, and that we can continue to effect positive change for the African-American community.

Today we are witnessing history being made as Confederate statues are coming down. In 2018, Patrick Henry sponsored a bill to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith and replace it with Mary McLeod Bethune, the founder of the historically black Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach. Patrick Henry will continue to work towards correcting injustices and preserving equality.



Education is the foundation of Florida’s future. Making public education a priority ensures students receive quality education, no matter the school district they’re in. Additionally, Patrick Henry will continue to work towards making sure colleges and universities are supported and affordable to everyone.